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Our Dogs

AKC. A Chant in the Morning Sun
"Chant" was our silver-gray stud. He was not only the best Weim any pet owner could ever ask for but he was the best dog our family has ever had. Our kids could climb all over him, our older boys could take him out hunting, and our girls always felt protected with him nearby. We called him our babysitter, as he always kept a watchful eye on the little ones while they roamed around our ten acre farm. We're so pleased with every puppy he produced and appreciate all the wonderful qualities he passed on to his lineage. 
It is still fresh in our minds losing him but we will plan on telling his story more clearly soon. 

AKC. Ghost in the Willows

  "Willow" is the canine embodiment of a German princess. She holds her head high and gives every male dog a run for his tail. She is the most loyal friend and rarely will need to put on a leash. She stays right by our side... Unless there are birds around. Then, the pointer she was bred to be displays itself as she chases with graceful points.

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