Our Dogs

AKC. A Chant in the Morning Sun
"Chant" is our silver-gray stud. He is a hefty muscular guy with a big blocky head that loves to sit in your lap. He was the easiest dog to train and is always waiting for his next command. He absolutely loves the water which is why many pictures of him include his muddy feet and dripping ears...
He is a natural field boy with an instinctive drive to search and hunt. He is the sidekick for our little tots and an outdoor buddy for our older boys.
Chant loves children and has the sweetest, most loyal temperament and the most eager to please attitude you'll ever come to find. 

Chant as a pup.


AKC. Ghost in the Willows

  "Willow" is the canine embodiment of a German princess. She holds her head high and gives every male dog a run for his tail. She is the most loyal friend and rarely will need to put on a leash. She stays right by our side... Unless there are birds around. Then, the pointer she was bred to be displays itself as she chases with graceful points.

AKC. Bindi Golden Eyes

  Our sweet girl, "Bindi", is slightly smaller than the other girls in our pack but that doesn't stop her from hanging with the big dogs. When she's not playing she is always happy to sit on your feet and keep them warm. She's loyal and sticks to our side but definitely won't miss the opportunity to scout something out whenever she catches a whiff of a scent.


"Charlie" is one of the sweestest girls here in our Weim family. She absolutely loves being a Mom... even to her three little human children that she feels responsible to keep her keen eyes on. Charlie is very dainty compared to our other girls and tends to be a cuddly bug who prefers to be by your side rather than running around the yard. 

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