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The Gallery

More photos can be found @cedaracreweims

Bindi enjoying the ride!
Chant x Willow's Past Pup
Yummy pillows!
Chant x Willow's
Chant x Charlie's
Chant x Willow's Past Pup
You're in my spot, Dad_
Past Puppy (photo from owner)
Whitey Tighty
Look at those blue eyes!
Chant x Willow's past pup
Willow and Alex... #Selfie
Good Morning! Past pup
Chant making himself comfortable.
Chant x Charlie's
Chant showing us his smile.
Run. puppies, run!
February 2018
Bindi enjoying the wind in her ears.
Chant and Sillow's little one.
Chanticleer, February 2018
Our Sillow girl as a young pup.
Is it my birthday?
Alex and her Willow. Sep 2018
Hot Pink
Chant or Dumbo?
Field training
Kolsen and his pup
Playing fetch
Mr. Regal
Sillouette - Retired
April 2017 Litter
Our Sillow Girl
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