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Past Pups &

Pawsative Words

Phillips Family - Texas

Chant x Sillouhette

February 2018

"We got our little silver bundle of Joy from the Feb 2018 Litter. His name was Cottontail, but we changed it to Duke!! Which has been much more fitting for his personality.. although he 'hops' around like a little cottontail.. well a BIG cottontail!! Duke is now a little over 8 months old and weighs in at about 70 lbs or tad more. He has been a pure pleasure and an amazing addition to our family! We wouldn't trade him for the world!! He is a lot like his dad and 'collects' rocks. Loves to play fetch with tennis balls or a Frisbee. He is as smart as a whip, has picked up on training amazingly. He dances and begs for his treats and knows where they are hid. He is a big ole cuddle bug and loves to lay in your lap. He cuddles for bedtime and when he just wants to be loved... all the time of course!! He sleeps on his back with his feet up in the air, laying with his head on a pillow! He loves to travel and go for rides! He is a perfect fit for our family and we recommend getting one of Chant & Sillow's pups!! Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful addition to our loving family!"

Rohne Family - Texas
Chant x Willow
December 2018

"Thank you all so much for our our little girl Gracie Jane. She is so smart and beautiful. Everyone falls in love with her instantly. Gracie Jane has definitely become a Momma’s girl, as loving and affectionate as she is to my family and myself she is also very protective of us all. If anyone is looking for a wonderful family companion I highly recommend Cedar Acre Weimaraner. You will get the best from all of them!"

Johnson Family - Texas
Chant x Sillouhette
February 2018

Murray Family - Texas

Chant x Sillouhette

February 2018

"Our little guy came from the February 2018 litter. On the car ride home with him to Austin from Waco, he curled up in my lap and peed on me in his sleep. I knew from that point forward he would always be a little Mama's boy. Months later, Elcca still loves to snuggle (thankfully no more pee) and he also loves to wrestle and play with us. He is a fetch-fanatic and very focused when he is in training. He is such a smart dog and very eager to please his beloved humans. He's 8 months old now and about 65-70 pounds. We definitely recommend getting one of these pups. We have gotten so many compliments on Elcca and how beautiful he is. Maybe one day we will get him a little blue sister! ;-)"

We would love to hear about your new life with your new best friend and family member. Please send as many texts, pictures, updates, or reviews that you would like! 

Thank you! We appreciate it!

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