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Puppy Agreement

Andrea - 254-651-8756

PLEASE read this agreement thoroughly before placing a deposit for a Cedar Acre Weimaraner. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


We only make exceptions to AKC Full/Limited Registration types in certain circumstances.

1. The Buyer understands that the Weimaraner is a high energy, intelligent and active medium to large dog breed. 
This means that training and exercise is a must. Cedar Acre Weimaraners has started basic training for the puppies but we are not responsible for any behavioral changes due to lack of attention and training. Buyer understands that the first week with the new puppy will be a time of transition into a new life and that a lot of love, patience, and gentleness will make it go smoothly for both the Buyer and the puppy. 

2. Breeder agrees that the puppy is in good health at time of sale. 
The Buyer will have 72 hours after receiving their puppy in which to have the puppy examined by their own licensed veterinarian. If the puppy is found to be ill by a licensed veterinarian and is to be returned due to illness, a letter from the veterinarian is required. This includes death or illness from any health condition deemed to be present prior to the leaving the Breeder’s premises. Buyer shall assume any expenses associated with returning the puppy to the seller. The Breeder will, at the Breeder's discretion, return the dog to the buyer in healthy condition, OR exchange the dog for another dog of equal value. Under no circumstances will the Breeder be responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by the buyer.


It must be stated that viral, bacterial colds or infections such as Coccidia or Giardia (bloody stools) are a form of worms which are easily treated and are not covered in the health guarantee as they are natural things puppies can pick up. Puppies are naturally at risk for coccidia or giardia or worms which is often brought on by the stress of a new home, new food, new people, or just a change in environment. Umbilical Hernias, also referred to as "outie" belly buttons are also not covered in the health guarantee.

3. The $300 deposit is non-refundable. 
It will be applied to the overall cost of the puppy. If, for any reason, the buyer is not capable of receiving the puppy of the deposit's intended litter the deposit can be transferred to a future litter. The final payment is due upon pickup - by PayPal or cash - or ten days prior to shipping. Buyer understands they are responsible for the cost to safely ship the puppy based on the current rate.

4.  Buyer agrees not to breed this dog. 
This puppy will be registered with limited registration and spaying/neutering is required by 1 year of age. If the buyer believes that this puppy is show or breeding quality and wishes to show or breed this puppy, the limited registration can be lifted by the breeder for an additional fee. Limited registration in no way prevents this puppy from participating in any AKC event except for the conformation ring. 
The Buyer will AKC register the puppy prior to one year of age. 

5. The Buyer agrees to finish all puppy vaccines.
The Buyer agrees that it is wise to finish all puppy vaccines before taking their puppy out in public, letting their puppy on public sidewalks and grasses, or letting their puppy be touched by people outside of the family. This reduces the chance of your puppy picking up a communicable disease such as parvo, and any other viral conditions that can be life threatening to a puppy. 
The buyer agrees that the puppy should receive veterinary care throughout its life. Cedar Acre Weimaraners is not responsible for any health problems or injuries that could have been avoided due to lack of proper care. 

6. Two Year Health Guarantee: The buyer agrees to continue feeding their puppy Life's Abundance dog food, as well as maintain proper vet care, exercise, socialization, vaccines and deworming. Because the majority of canine health issues are present due to poor diet and nutrition we require that your new puppy continue with the Life's Abundance Nutritional program until 24 months of age. It is through personal experience with negative affects of other brand dog foods that Cedar Acre Weimaraners strongly stands by this term in the agreement for the future well being of the puppy.

7. If the buyer no longer wishes to own or care for their puppy, it must be returned to Breeder immediately. 
In the event that the buyer no longer wants the puppy, or the buyer cannot fulfill the terms of this Contract, Breeder agrees to either assist Buyer in finding another suitable home where the dog will receive proper care OR the puppy must be returned to Cedar Acre Weimaraners (Kennie and Andrea Brown). The puppy may not be sold or traded, nor placed in any sort of shelter or rescue organization. There will be no refund of transactions. 

No guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, are given by Cedar Acre Weimaraners (Kennie and Andrea), the Breeder, except those stated above.

PLEASE read this agreement thoroughly before placing a deposit for a Cedar Acre Weimaraner. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


We only make exceptions to AKC Full/Limited Registration types in certain circumstances.

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