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About Us


      Cedar Acre Weimaraners is a family run home and farm located in central Texas. We don't like the word kennel, as all of our dogs are our loved pets and that word always seems to have a bitter taste to it.

      We first became interested in Weimaraners one day while at a park. Andrea's brother, Mark, who is mentally challenged (and deathly terrified of all dogs), had been visiting us for a time and had decided to come along to the park as well. Later in the evening, we noticed some folks by the lake playing fetch with a beautiful gray dog. It would jump in and out of the water with a shimmery silver coat. All of a sudden, to our astonishment, Mark had ambled his way over to the owner and asked him if he could pet their dog! For someone who usually crosses the street to avoid a dog, this was a HUGE accomplishment. It was at that moment that we realized there had to be something special about this breed. After years of research and preparing, we finally got our very own "Gray Ghosts" and everyday we are learning that there are many special things about this beautiful dog.

    Our goal is to breed dogs with ability, stamina, and grace. Weimaraners that will honor the standard of the original bloodlines in tracking instincts and aristocracy, but will also naturally become a beloved family pet.


Our goal is to make your experience in working with us enjoyable and as smoothly as possible.


I hope you're as excited to receive a Cedar Acre Weimaraner as we are for you!

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